Alexia & Reuben,
New Zealand

Alexia and Reuben’s Solscape wedding was one to make the craft beer enthusiast envious. They brought their families and friends together atop a hill overlooking Manu Bay in everyone’s favourite beach town, Raglan. People weren’t invited to a wedding, rather a wedding-themed beer festival. Fresh hops instead of floral installations, and 8-Wired Tropidelic on a help-yourself tap in place of champagne. Yes, I was feeling a little lucky to be at the coolest wedding of the year.

If you’re thinking of having a Solscape wedding, you know who to call. I freaking love that place. You can reach them on +64 (7) 825 8268 or visit

Alexia and Reuben had lovely things to say about me – muy apreciado amigos! See below or read over on the testimonials page.

Zahn’s photos really speak for themselves – they’re stunning, natural, unique and really just breathtakingly beautiful. But we believe that Zahn’s true value was his presence on the day of our wedding.

He was so friendly, easy going, made us feel very relaxed in front of the camera, and went above and beyond what we expected – for example, he was excellent at organising all the other guests for the photos (without any directive from us!). It was amazing and just one less thing we had to think about on the day.

We believe Zahn is so much more than a wedding photographer; what he produced is art that captures the intimacy and spirit of the occasion with flawless technical execution and beauty that warms our hearts in reflection.

There are things we would do differently if we did it again, but having Zahn take photos at our wedding is one thing we would do exactly the same.

Thank you so much for recording our beautiful weekend.

Aroha nui.

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