Sanduni & Lakshan,
Sri Lanka

Amber and I spent a week with Sanduni & Lakshan’s families in Negombo. In that time we experienced so much of the rich Sri Lankan culture. We played drums late into the night to alert the neighbourhood of the forthcoming wedding. We set off in a bus at 1am along with 30 or more of the family (including the 92 year old grandparents) to reach the family’s historic church in the far north for a sunrise mass. We enjoyed a traditional catholic ceremony followed by a reception with free-flowing whisky. We photographed entertainers do backflips in the homecoming event the next evening. In between all of this, we visited amazing places with Sanduni and Lakshan to capture them in their homeland’s beauty.

sri lanka wedding photo
Sri Lanka Wedding
Sri Lanka Sunset
Drumming at a wedding in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Wedding Photo in Negombo
getting ready for a wedding in Sri Lanka

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