Bernice & Andrew
New Zealand

We were fortunate enough to have Zahn as our wedding photographer and still can’t believe our luck, he was a total legend! He managed to make us look amazing and through some wizardry he also captured exactly who we are as a couple. From our first chat over a beer, he really took the time to get to know us and we felt totally able to relax, laugh and be ourselves around him. I think what we love the most is that he got all the beautiful elegant photos you expect from a wedding day, but alongside them there are these incredible photos of really honest and raw moments from throughout the day. The pure joy of us being silly with our friends on the dance floor with our noses all wrinkled from laughing, my dad getting nervous and blubbering his lines, a sunset shot of us at the top of a mountain, through to my maid of honour helping me wipe tears from my cheeks after walking down the aisle. The photos really take us back to how we felt and who we were on our best day and we couldn’t be happier! We are a bit overwhelmed to be honest, there are just SO many incredible photos.
Auckland Wedding Photographer 10